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Summer Learning/Library Interaction Program

You can complete this program without ever cracking a book  o_O  BUT you cannot complete it without reading AND interacting with the library.

1.        Register at the library with your library card for a chance to win great prizes.  Pick up your packet at the library.

2.        Participate by doing one or more of the following activities.
•         Library/Learning Interaction:  connect what you are already doing and enjoying with more information available at or through the library.  We can help!
•         Read a book, a graphic novel, manga, magazines, websites, an eBook…
•         Participate in a library program

3.        Fill out an entry form/learning log.

Each entry will have a chance to win prizes. Prize drawings will be held on June 30, July 31 and a grand prize drawing on August 13 (prizes will be listed in your packet).  Multiple prizes will be rewarded at each drawing.

SLIP Forms (with explanation)

SLIP Forms

Next drawing is Tuesday, July 31!!

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