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Essential Oils Class - Virtual


Essential Oils Class - Virtual

@ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Courtney Klinger
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Want to learn about natural ways to take care of your family and support your immune system?  Come to our virtual class on Zoom to learn about dōTERRA Essential Oils with Wellness Advocate, Courtney Klinger. For a free sample please email your address to Registration is required for all adult programs. A zoom link will be sent to you after registering. 

Also learn how essential oils: 

*Cleanse and purify the air 
* Support healthy skin 
* Eliminate seasonal threats
* Support healthy immune function, respiratory system and healthy metabolism 
* Support healthy liver and detox functions
* Relieves stress and calms nerves 
* Ease nauseousness and aid in digestive health
* Promote a positive mood and energized mind 
* Soothe joint pain and promotes healthy circulation 
* Supports emotional health and lifts moods
* Encourage mental clarity and improve focus
* Use as a natural alternative to synthetic beauty and cleaning products and is 100% safe to use on babies, children, and animals

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