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How lit are you?  Test your knowledge -



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Video Programs - All video programs can be accessed on our YouTube Channel

Wonderful Ones with Miss Alyssa - February 10

New virtual Wonderful Ones video program will launch on our Facebook page and YouTube Channel.

Stories and play time providing early literacy and language opportunities for little ones from 10 months to 2 years old.


Storyoga with Miss Alyssa - February 17

New Storyoga video program will launch on our Facebook page and YouTube Channel

Stories, songs and playful yoga stretches for 3 to 6 year olds.


Play K Storytime - February 16
Play K allows families with young children the chance to play and learn the skills children need to be successful in school. This Play K Storytime theme is "Changing Seasons"

Draw the Weather
Dress for the Weather
Animals and Weather


Past Video Programs are available on our YouTube Channel

Past Favorites

The Office Escape Room  

This Escape room was created by Susan Sentz, Director of Northampton Area Public Library in Northampton, PA and Emily Eddinger, Cataloger of Northampton Area Public Library.
They may both be contacted at



Trivia #1         Trivia #5

Trivia #2         Spooky Trivia

Trivia #3         Trivia #6

Trivia #4         Holiday Trivia